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Last Updated On: 21/08/2010


The original Home allotted to mankind by the Creator was in the temparate and fertile region of the East and pointedly in India.  It is from here that the human race began its culture and career.  India may, therefore, be safely stated as that the first country from which human culture and civilization originated and spread.  According to Indian history prior to Aryans migration, the Dravidian was the first inhabitant of India of whom the Tamilians were the most prominent.  The Tamilians were not only the earliest civilized but also those who may more considerable progress in civilization than any other early people.  The languages of India were divided into two great classes, the northern with Sanskrit as the pre-pondering element and the southern with Dravidian language as independent bases.  The science of medicine is of fundamental importance to mans well being be and his survival and so it must have originated with man and developed as civilization.  It is, therefore rather pointless to try to determine the exact point of time to which the beginning of these systems could be traced  They are eternal, they began with man and may end with him.  The Siddha was flouriest in south and Ayurveda prevalent in the north.  Instead of giving the name of any of individual as the founder of these systems our ancestors attributed their origin to the creator.  According to the tradition it was Shiva who unfolded the knowledge of Siddha system of medicine to his concert Parvati who handed it down to Nandi Deva and he the Siddhars.  The Siddhars were great scientists in ancient times. 

            According to tradition, the origin of Siddha system of medicine is attributed to the great Siddha Ayastiyar.  Some of his works are still standard books of medicine and surgery in daily use among the Siddha Medical practitioners.